Hi! I'm Christina and I'm Head of the ZOE Health Study, where 4.8 million+ people globally have used our app to contribute data to help make scientific discoveries. It started in the pandemic as the COVID Symptom Study, one of the world's top real-world app-based COVID surveillance tools.

COVID-19 was the catalyst that proved the power of community science - now my ambition is to create a new future where vast numbers of the public work together to accelerate the advancement of all human health science. 

I used to be AI Product Manager for Babylon Health, Senior Strategy Consultant at Ernst & Young and graduated from the University of Cambridge.

Want to connect? 

Here are some things people often approach me about:

  • Mentoring / Career Advice (including how to make the jump into Product Management, Product best practices in the start-up environment and more)
  • Public Speaking - I enjoy giving talks about Science, HealthTech, Product - see some of my previous talks here
  • Brainstorming - if you have a tough product/startup nut to crack, I'm happy to offer a fresh perspective
  • Potential Collaborations for the ZOE Health Study 

I enjoy meeting/speaking to new people about all the above, so don't be shy! And if you want to connect about something else, reach out anyway and let's see where it goes...